Getting into Vinyl

What came first the Record or the Turntable?

Last year I bought my first ever ‘proper’ music system where great care went into selecting what speakers would be best for the room and audio quality was of utmost importance. I’m certainly not an audiophile by experience or by budget but the change in listening experience was incredible.

I had become what I feared, I was streaming tracks, skipping every now and then and had almost forgotten what an album was supposed to be about. So armed with a proper music system and an armful of cd’s I started to rediscover my past. And it was incredible.

Recently, I was talking to a colleague about the merits of vinyl. Holding the sleeve while an album plays out in full. Where the thought of skipping a track doesn’t enter your mind, and you are completely absorbed into the experience.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I browsed the website he recommended (Vinylnet) and after much deliberation I spent £8 from the bargain bin.

The first selection was an Inspiral Carpets 7″ single, purely because they are from my hometown and I’d never really paid much attention to them except for their hit ‘This Is How It Feels’.

The second was from a huge band for me when I was growing up and learning to play guitar. A school friend introduced me to The Stone Roses when we were studying for our Music GCSE. It would have been about 1997 – already 8 years after the Madchester scene but still, something about it just hit me as a normal Manchester boy finding his way in the world. And I had to have it.

So there are two 7″ singles in the post and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

And I have absolutely nothing to play them on

I convinced myself that having a turntable before the record would be just as pointless and now I’m scanning turntable reviews for the foreseeable future.


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