Hello, and welcome to my blog

I just wanted to write a little about myself and introduce my ideas about this blog.

I have been a fan of music from a young age and have been playing instruments from the age of 10. I have been in a few bands playing Bass guitar, by far my favourite instrument. In the last 5-6 years I started experimenting with recording music and producing.

I’m almost ashamed to say the first single I bought was Bobby Brown – Two can play that game. But since then my musical journey has been incredibly varied and eclectic.

I listen to everything and its always a surprise to my family what can be found in the CD tray from 50’s Rock & Roll, Big band Jazz through to Funk, Hip Hop and Alternative/Indie Rock.

Why am I here?

I have been part of bands that I believe create incredible music and have written some really good songs only for very few people to ever hear them. The world has become smaller with the internet, yet we’ve all played shows to a few family members and a bartender

I wanted to start a blog because I wanted to be give feedback to artists who want it, along with sharing their latest tracks and hopefully growing their audiences. I also just wanted to listen to more fantastic music

You can follow my Twitter account here @vacantceremony I will also be sharing tracks via Spotify playlists and Soundcloud.

For Artists

For artists who would like to be featured, please contact me here


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