Looking to start a Vinyl record collection

If you read my previous post you will know that I recently ordered two 7″ vinyl records without having the means to play them.

When starting a new hobby/obsession it can be a little daunting to know where to start, especially when you know it could have a serious impact on your budget and your household storage.

Last year I visited a local record fair; I had no idea what to expect. It was held in a village hall and the room was filled with interesting looking men with huge record collections neatly arranged by genre. It was a huge surprise, not only that these ‘interesting’ looking men could ever keep something so neatly arranged. But, that there was so much choice. Where do you even start?

Before arriving, I had thought that as a born and bred Mancunian I should indulge in the culture that made me. I would love to own a Factory record, especially an original pressing of Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures or something similar.

In my naivety I hadn’t really budgeted for something like this, so I ended up looking through multiple genre’s for something that I wanted to call my own. I’d convinced myself I wanted original pressings of my favourite albums, yet all I could see were new pressings of them. I’d convinced myself that each purchase had to mean something to me. But, all they meant were yet another version of something I owned already.

I retreated, scared of what might happen If I bought something.

My awakening came this year. I just want to listen to music, It doesn’t matter if it’s not in excellent condition, or if it is a new pressing of a classic album. This is about more than possibly owning something that might be valuable one day.

This is about music, about art. It’s about absorbing myself into a musical journey while absorbing every part of the record sleeve. Just as I used to when I’d saved up to buy a CD as a kid. When you’d know a record by the order of the tracks and every word inside the enclosed booklet.

So here we are, ready for round two. But this time it’s not about collecting classic albums or rediscovering a lost youth. It’s about music and it’s about feeling like it belongs to you.

I’ve since ordered something a little more expensive than the first two bargain bin buys and I can’t wait to tell you about them as they arrive. I’d love to know where you started your own collections in the comments.

Still no sign of a turntable.


  1. I have a sizeable collection of vinyls that began when I was a kid. I pinched most of my dad’s records and the odd vinyl from my cousin. But mostly I just kept buying favourite albums from record stores and bargain bins. I even continued collecting vinyls when it went out of fashion. Thanks to Pearl Jam and others my vinyl collection grew steady in the 90’s and early 2000’s.


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