Review – Georgia Fearn – Perfect on Paper

Wales has a rich history of producing incredible artists from all parts of the musical spectrum, so I approached Georgia Fearn’s debut album with a little trepidation and a lot of anticipation.



The opening track ‘L’Amour’ from the self confessed bookworm is a bit of a surprise. Where you may expect a traditional folk style singer, you are greeted with a beat more in line with something that Mike Skinner of The Streets may produce. Georgia’s vocal strikes a balance between an ill-fated love story with an infectious chorus that will have you singing along in support.

Perfect on Paper is a welcome mixed bag of catchy pop songs with hints of folk, indie and alternative hip hop. There are some really interesting choices of instrumentation that really suit Georgia’s style especially on ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’

The beautiful ‘Does It Ever Make You Wonder’ demonstrate perfectly Georgia’s ability as a songwriter while demonstrating her vocal maturity with a wonderfully delicate performance.

Sharp Objects really shows off Georgia’s variety in musical influences with an all out rock song, well written and another chorus that’s hard to not sing along with.

Perfect on Paper has something for everyone and I found it utterly compelling. Georgia is  from a fairly small town in South Wales and is still just 17 years old. She clearly has a talent for songwriting and her choices of instrumentation and arrangement provide a fascinating journey while listening through the album.

Georgia is as comfortable singing a touching ballad such as ‘Emptiness’ as she is as performing with a Hip Hop beat as on ‘L’Amour’. I’m struggling to remember an artist that can adapt as well and pull off a variety of genre’s while always giving an appropriate performance and always being herself.


Georgia is due to play The Big Cwtch Festival in August

You can find Georgia Fearn at the following links

Spotify    iTunes   Facebook   Twitter




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