The V List: DUETS AND STUFF – Serve Somebody

The track I’ve chosen for today is the latest release from Swedish minimalist indie duo DUETS AND STUFF.

The duo consist of Greta and Raimond who call themselves an easygoing DIY project. DIY for me consists of breaking things I was trying to fix. But for Duets And Stuff that means creating music, art and video together. I have to admit I love the bands minimalist aesthetic, but what about the music?

Duets And Stuff take inspiration from Foster The People and Peter Bjorn and John amongst others. Serve Somebody starts with an instantly catchy marimba melody which gives the song its energy. Greta’s vocal through the verses is emotive and warm, yet she remains cool throughout against the backing of warm synths and minimal drums.

Serve Somebody has all the merits of a great pop song, memorable melodies, a singalong chorus and Greta’s compelling voice all fitting together perfectly like a piece of Swedish furniture (sorry).

Official Website

Stream on Spotify







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