Review: The Thinking Men – Machine Made Men

The Thinking Men are a Norwich based rock band created by childhood friends Johnny (Vocals, Guitar) and Ronnie (Lead Guitar), before adding Sarah (Keys), Duncan (Double Bass) and Rob (drums).

The Thinking Men are quickly gaining a reputation for producing a rapturous live show and they wanted to bring that to their studio recordings. The new EP ‘Memento Mori’ was all recorded live to capture that energy and intensity.

I was instantly drawn in by Johnny’s enigmatic voice, he manages to create drama from every phrase and can produce real power with his voice. He is accompanied by a band that creates as much drama to match his voice and suits the subject matter of the song perfectly, powering onwards like an unstoppable machine.

The Thinking Men have also made an excellent video to accompany the track which I strongly recommend checking out. Johnny has so much charisma he is one of a rare breed of frontmen that you just have to keep watching, he embodies the spirit of the music completely. I’m certain we’ll be hearing a lot more from this band.


You can find more about The Thinking Men below

Soundcloud – @the-thinking-men


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