Album Review: Marva Von Theo – Dream Within A Dream


I just love discovering new music that really makes you appreciate how stale mainstream releases have become. This latest release from Marva Von Theo is a welcome change.

Marva Von Theo are a duo from Athens and Vienna producing electronic music using a mountain of synthesisers. They describe their sound as darkwave, jazz harmonies and  trip hop drums. Their style just oozes futuristic cool and their image complements the music perfectly.

The album opens with ‘Unconcern’ where Marva’s voice dances over the mysterious chords and atmosphere that Theo has created.

Secret Lover is my favourite track from the album. The rhythm builds slowly amongst an array of techno sounds and sound effects. Marva’s vocal welcomes you with an emotional tale of secret love obsessions.

The album is a varied collection of retro synth sounds, Theo has created some really interesting textures and moods not often heard in modern music. Marva has a presence that commands the performance, a compelling performer and a voice that is perfect for the sound they have created.

If this is the future of synthwave, I want more of it.

Stand out tracks: Secret Lover, Somebody New, Dead in Berlin

You can find more about Marva Von Theo here

Website   Facebook   Instagram   Twitter

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