Review: Shamona – Familiar Radio EP


Familiar Radio is the latest release from Liverpool based band Shamona. Shamona consist of Pete (Vocals, Bass), Andy (Guitar, Vocals) and Matty (Drums).

Liverpool seems to be full of exciting new bands at the moment and Shamona are no exception, receiving endorsements from Dave McCabe (Zutons) and Nile Rodgers (Chic/Legend).

Shamona have put together a collection of songs that span the range of indie pop/rock. The title track is a feel good summer song with a chorus you will be singing along with. Pete’s vocal has a gruff rocky edge that really makes the songs stand out especially on the acoustic version of Alabama.

Trio’s can be difficult to get right without the right people, Shamona perform at such a professional level delivering each song with a quality that sounds like it’s from a band with twice the experience.

Stand out Tracks: Familiar Radio, Alabama (Acoustic)

You can find more about Shamona below




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