Album Review: Talitha Rise – An Abandoned Orchid House


An Abandoned Orchid House is the debut album from Talitha Rise. The album is primarily atmospheric folk music, best served on a warm evening watching the sun go down over a woodland valley.

The imagery is intentional, Talitha Rise travelled a wide range of Great Britain in the making of her album and was inspired by the scenery of Devon, Scotland and her Sussex home.

She describes the sound of the album as themes of isolation and abandonment, and although the lyrical content may agree with this. The sense of instrumentation and atmospheres give you a warm comfort matched by the tone of her voice.

This is a solid debut from Talitha Rise with a wide range of atmospheric beauty.

Stand out Tracks: Orchid House, Bloodfox, Chapel Bell, The Lake

An Abandoned Orchid House is available today.

Taliha Rise are currently touring you can find dates and more about her on the links below.

Website  Facebook   Twitter  Instagram

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