Interview: Griffin Tucker

Griffin Tucker


Griffin Tucker is a 16 year old Texan who already has done more in his short career than a lot of musicians have that are double his age.

Griffin started playing instruments from the age of 5, starting with drums before moving on to guitar and then piano. He has won numerous awards and has recently featured on American Idol 2018.

Griffin is a young man that carries the soul of Rock and Roll inside him, he started in a Beatles cover band at 8 years old then moved on to a Kiss cover band. His mission now is to bring Rock back for the younger audience and break through the saturation of electronic beats.

His debut EP ‘Believe it’ released in 2017 with Griffin taking care of all writing, singing and playing all the instruments.


We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions:


As most Rock and Roll is generally from a band, how does being a solo artist compare?

“Well, everyone gets along!  But seriously, it is easier when I write and record, because I have complete creative control. Of course when it comes to playing live, the band is the only way to go. And, now that I have a band to play with, I hope we will find time to write together and do some new songs as a band.”

‘Believe it’ has already had an incredible reception, were you surprised at the reaction?

“Yes and no.
Yes, because it’s always hard as an indie artist to get your music out there so that people actually get a chance to hear it. Thanks to my fans, it is being heard not only by them but by radio stations around the world and people like you!
No, because I knew how great this record was when I made it. I knew it was me & really represented me as an artist. I knew I had finally found my sound and come into my own and was able to get all that on to this record. I am so proud of every song on it and am extremely thankful that everyone is digging it.”
You already have a fan army (GrifFANs). How does that feel for a 16 year old boy?
They are absolutely amazing! They are the kindest, most supportive friends anyone could have … GrifFANs rock!
What’s next for you?
I have already been writing and have some songs done and some are just getting started. Now that it is summer I can focus on writing more. And, of course, now that I have my band, I want to gig as much as possible.
The ‘Believe It’ single is an excellent introduction to what Griffin is all about. He shows off what he is capable of both as a singer and a musician. The song itself is a perfect introduction to Rock for young fans. It’s got riffs, a huge sing-a-long chorus and a guitar solo. what more could you want?
I’m really excited to see what happens next for Griffin, he’s got bags of talent and his life experiences will only improve him as a an artist and a songwriter.
The ‘Believe It’ EP is available now and you can find more about him at the links below.

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