Review: Blushes – Cielo Rosa x Dust

Cielo Rosa (Pink Rose) and Dust is the latest release from Aylesbury’s Blushes. The band are set for a breakout year after the success of previous singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Not A Chance’. The band were recently picked up by NME Under the Radar and have had support from Radio 1 and Radio X amongst others. They then go on to feature prominently in festival season before touring in the Autumn.

Blushes are a 4 piece indie/alternative band from Aylesbury, they have recorded, mixed and mastered themselves using a youth centre hall as their studio. This has allowed them to have full control over creative decisions, I get the feeling this is a band that know how they want to sound.


Cielo Rosa starts with a meaningful guitar strum and the cry of ‘I’ve got nothing to lose’. The song is about waiting patiently for things to change and the thoughts that accompany the wait. There are some songs that just grab you, the dark tone of Bradley’s voice welcomes you in and the contrast with Tiffany’s vocal is really beautiful. The instrumentation has a very purposeful feel with delicate guitar work that conveys the lyrics perfectly.


Dust is the second track of this Double A side, one which was written by accident before realising it is the happiest track they have made. Certainly the intro and verse have a jolly feel, but this is a song about a couple talking about who might die first, and Blushes have a way of complicating a story. The track really shows off what Blushes are capable of, the mixture of light and dark, the melancholy, chiming guitar then darkness.

As a double A side this is a must buy. Blushes are able to evoke such emotion, every note has a purpose and I adore the contrast of the two voices. Blushes are a hugely promising band and I’ll be following them closely.

Cielo Rosa x Dust is released June 8th and is available everywhere.

You can find more Blushes at the links below

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