Review: Searmanas – SEA


The name Searmanas is derived from the gaelic for ceremony which is most welcome on this site, it is also the solo project of New York based Niabi Aquena. A classically trained pianist and vocalist who has turned to ambient and experimental electronic music production.

SEA is the latest release from her album, it opens with dark bass tones that set the moody atmosphere. Her vocal dances over the mysterious textures with an emotional delicacy. It draws you in immediately and had me completely hooked. I love the use of different sounds and textures both with her voice and synthesisers.

SEA is the follow up to Searmanas’ earlier release Undo, which is a more traditional ambient sound. There are influences in her work from all over the electronic and ambient spectrum from Portishead, Lamb, FKA Twigs. The album includes Undo, SEA and five other tracks some of which delving into a much more experimental approach.

Overall, I really like the textural way Searmanas creates her music, it’s like she creates a mood rather than a song. I could imagine SEA being featured heavily as backing music in TV and film scores and look forward to hearing more from her.

The album is due early July through Cleopatra Records and the first two singles are available now through all retailers.

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