Review: Rodney Cromwell – Comrades


Comrades is the lead track from Rodney Cromwell’s latest album ‘Rodney’s English Disco’. Sonically it has an indie electronica feel heavily influenced from sounds of the late 70’s/ early 80’s. Rodney Cromwell is the solo project of Adam Cresswell, who is a London based electronic artist described as being similar to Kraftwerk, Moroder, Pye Corner Audio and Best Of Divine.

I was introduced to Comrades through the video which had me hooked straight away with its use of nostalgic styles and a tomato. The track develops beautifully, there is an electronic styled vocal and really interesting use of a variety of synths and effects. The sounds used have quite a dark feel at times. The track is described as a “rebel song for the twitter generation”, it can be difficult to hear the full vocal as I get so easily distracted by the wonderful sounds (I admit I have a weird love for synths).

This is a must listen for indie electronica / synhwave lovers and I would also strongly recommend checking out the video too.

Comrades is available now along with the rest of the ‘Rodney’s English Disco’ EP as coloured Vinyl and CD from Happy Robots and Bandcamp. The EP is also available digitally and on streaming


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