An Evening With …Sahara



The first artist chosen to be featured on Vacant Ceremony in collaboration with SYNCR Music are Dundee’s Sahara.

Sahara released their self titled EP in 2016 and on the back of that, played the first ever TRNSMT festival, the Y NOT festival and toured supporting The View last year.

Sahara are made up of Adam Campbell – Vocals/Guitar, Megan McNally – Guitar and Matthew Tonner – Bass

I was introduced to Sahara from their single ‘Never Get The Time’ released in March 2018 and it just grabbed me straight away. It has an immediately catchy guitar riff and an uplifting chorus that would be at home at any indie disco.

Their new single In Sufficiency is out this Friday (13th July)


How would you describe your music?

“We’ve never known how to answer this question, not because we’re this unique band who can’t label their music, but because we don’t like categorising it as we’re always evolving. We’ve been told we have a ‘sound’ but it’s something that’s hard for us to describe without hearing it from an outside perspective or with fresh ears.”

– I would just describe it as indie, Never Get The Time and the 2016 EP could be played anywhere and would be at home on most radio stations.

Where did the name Sahara come from?

“It’s as exciting as it gets! We were 15, awful at coming up with titles or names, and someone suggested we called the band Sahara – so we did. If we didn’t go with that name back then, we’d probably still be thinking of one now.”

How would you each describe your non-musical role in Sahara?

“Adam provides a place for us to write,  rehearse and record demos which we were always lacking or paying loads for in the past, and is full of ideas too. Matthew is fairly new to the band but so far his role outside of the band has been giving us loads of great nights out and introducing us to hundreds of bands we’d never heard of before. Megan deals with the business/admin side of things most of the time.”

What is the best part about being in Sahara?

“100% is the people we’ve met along the way and the unique opportunities it has given us”

What artists are you listening to at the moment?

Adam – DIIV, Television, Ulrika Spacek, Parquet Courts

Matthew – actually everything

Megan – I’m into month 6 of being obsessed with Arcade Fire and having to actually discipline myself to listen to other bands.  Although, I’ve just discovered Day Wave which is the best discovery I’ve made in ages, and have also been enjoying Interpol a lot recently.

What’s next for Sahara?

Writing, recording, finding a permanent drummer, removing expectations we’ve placed on ourselves and doing things at our own pace.

Sahara are definitely one’s to watch and I’m really looking forward to hearing the new single tomorrow.

You can find out more about Sahara at the links below

Facebook  Twitter

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